Here are some questions we hear a lot

(and the answers to them)

General questions

How does this all work? And how do I do X? Find out below. Can't find what you're looking for? Please contact us.

To keep track of what makes you happy in life.

Keeping a gratitude journals has been proven to help you to become happier, more optimistic, healthier and more relaxed.

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Questions about the mail functionality

You can enter your daily gratitudes via your favorite email program if you want. You can learn more about how that works below.

Every user has their own unique emailaddress where they can send their daily gratitudes to. .

We assume that the first paragraph of text is the first gratitude and the second paragraph is the second gratitude and (as you might guess) the third paragraph will be entered as the third gratitude.

If the mail has any (image) attachments, then the first attachment we find will be attached to your journal entry (you can remove/change that later on in the browser if you want).

The moment we process the mail will be the date connected to the journal entry.

Yes, we can! You can set the frequency to daily or weekly and we'll send you a reminder. You can reply to those e-mails to send your daily gratitudes.

The first image attachment we find in the mail will be added to your journal entry (you can delete that later if you want).